Name: John Billings as BrennusPlayer: Doug
Metatype: DwarfAge: 35Sex: MNuyen: 13,594¥
Height: 3'11"Weight: Hair: Dirty BlondeEyes: GreenSkin: Fair
Karma: 8Career Karma: 8Street Cred: 0Notoriety: 1Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 9Judge Intentions: 10Lift/Carry: 6Lift/Carry Weight: 45 kg/30 kg Primary Arm: Right
Memory: 10Movement: 2/4 (1m/hit)     Swim: 2 (1m/hit)    
PERSONAL DATAShow: YesPage Break: No
Physical AttributesMental AttributesSpecial AttributesInitiative

Body: 3

Charisma: 5

Edge: 2

Initiative: 6 +1d6

Agility: 1

Intuition: 5

Current Edge Points:


Reaction: 1

Logic: 6

Essence: 4.1

Rigger Initiative: 6 +1d6

Strength: 3

Willpower: 4


Matrix AR: 6 +1d6
Matrix Cold: 5 + DP +4d6
Matrix Hot: 5 + DP +5d6

ATTRIBUTESShow: YesPage Break: No
Physical Limit: 4Mental Limit: 7Social Limit: 7Astral Limit: 7
Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for audio Perception)
Medkit [+3] (Only for First Aid and Medicine)
LIMITSShow: YesPage Break: No
Active Skills
Animal Handling CHA04
Armorer LOG05
Computer LOG612
Con CHA611
Cybercombat (Devices) LOG612 (14)
Demolitions LOG05
Disguise INT04
Diving BOD02
Electronic Warfare LOG612
Etiquette CHA49
First Aid LOG17
Forgery LOG05
Free-Fall BOD02
Hacking (Devices) LOG612 (14)
Hardware LOG612
Impersonation CHA04
Active Skills
Instruction CHA04
Intimidation CHA04
Leadership CHA49
Medicine LOG17
Navigation INT04
Negotiation CHA49
Perception INT611
Performance CHA04
Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) REA45 (7)
Running STR02
Software LOG612
Survival WIL03
Swimming STR02
Tracking INT04
Unarmed Combat (Cyber Implants) AGI67 (9)
Knowledge Skills
Cantonese INT510
Japanese INT16
Mandarin INT27
Area Knowledge: Hong-Kong INT510
Corporation: Tsang Corp LOG39
English (N) LOG00
Matrix LOG612

SKILLSShow: YesPage Break: No
Allergy (Common, Moderate): SmogSR5 78

Codeslinger: Hack on the FlySR5 72

Go Big or Go HomeDT 44

Resistance to Pathogens/ToxinsSR5 77

SINner (Criminal): Corporate EspionageSR5 84

Thermographic VisionSR5 66
QUALITIESShow: YesPage Break: No
Physical DamageStun Damage






Bone Lacing (Aluminum)1StandardSR5 454
Cyberdeck0.4StandardSR5 452
Image Link0.1StandardSR5 453
Sound Link0.1StandardSR5 454
Spurs0.3StandardSR5 458
Actioneer Business Clothes 8**SR5 437
Electrochromic Clothing; Feedback Clothing;

Helmet 2**SR5 438
Other Modifiers 2
ARMORShow: YesPage Break: No
Spurs7 (9)46P-20SR5 458

Unarmed Attack745P-0SR5 132
MELEE WEAPONSShow: YesPage Break: No
Earbuds31SR5 445
Audio Enhancement rating 3;
Electronic Parts-1DT 66
Fake SIN (Server Hardware Tech)41SR5 442
Fake SIN (Human female wage slave)11SR5 442
Medkit31SR5 450
Biomonitor, Slap Patch, Antidote Patch rating 6, Slap Patch, Stim Patch rating 6 x2, Slap Patch, Tranq Patch rating 10 x11, Slap Patch, Trauma Patch;
Respirator61SR5 449
Tool Kit (Hardware)-1SR5 443
Certified Credstick, Standard rating 1 x10, Data Tap, Datachip, Miniwelder, Restraint, Plastic x10, Sensor Tags, Standard Tags x10, Stealth Tags, Tag Eraser;
GEARShow: YesPage Break: No
DeviceCategoryRatingAttackSleazeData Proc.Firewall
Renraku TsurugiCyberdecks33656SR5 439
Agent "Boudicca" rating 4, Armor, Biofeedback, Biofeedback Filter, Blackout, Bootstrap, Browse, Cat's Paw, Cloudless, Configurator "ATTACK, DEFENSE, SLEAZE, SEARCH" x4, Crash (Program), Decryption, Defuse, Demolition, Detonator, Edit, Encryption, Evaluate, Exploit, Fly on a Wall, Fork, Hammer, Hitchhiker, Lockdown, Mapsoft (Hong Kong) , Mugger, Multidimensional Coprocessor, Nuke-from-Orbit, Paintjob, Program Carrier (Virtual Machine) , Program Carrier (Baby Monitor) , Search, Shell, Shredder, Signal Scrub, Smoke and Mirrors, Sneak, Stealth, Swerve, Tantrum, Tarball, Toolbox, Track, Vectored Signal Filter, Wrapper
Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike)5/33615621511SR5 462
VEHICLE/DRONEShow: YesPage Break: No
Medium ("Secondhand Commlink Repair Shoppe") Medium3SR5 369
LIFESTYLEShow: YesPage Break: No
Lt. Samantha JulianHKPDPolice Lt.15

The Thistle ManHong KongMr. Johnson42

Tinker TerryTinker TownFixer34
CONTACTSShow: YesPage Break: No
Using Celtic imagery for Matrix icons.
- PERSONA: Mustached Celtic warlord, with winged helmet
- MARK: a Celtic-style dagger sabbed into the object
- PAN: A set of scales

- Datajack: -1
- Signal Scrub: -2 (if running)
- Vectored Signal Filter: -2 (if installed)
- Satellite array: -5 from distance (if set up)

SLEAZE deck setup (HotF - hacking6 logic6 codeslinger2 exploit2 DeviceSpec2 HotSim2 BoudiccaXX Silent-2 NoiseXX )
Attack - 3
Sleaze - 6
Data Processing - 5 (6)
Firewall - 5
- Toolbox (+1 Data Processing)
- Boudicca (R:4) (Inits 4+DP+4d6)
- Signal Scrub (-2 Noise)
- Fork (1 Matrix action on 2 targets, defend separately)
- Exploit (+2 HotF)

DEFENSE deck setup
Attack - 5
Sleaze - 3
Data Processing - 5
Firewall - 6 (7)
- Signal Scrub (-2 Noise)
- Sneak (+2 vs. Trace User actions)
- Armor (+2 vs Matrix Damage)
- Shell (+1 vs Matrix and Biofeedback)
- Encryption (+1 Firewall)

SEARCH deck setup
Attack - 3
Sleaze - 5
Data Processing - 6 (7)
Firewall - 5
- Signal Scrub (-2 Noise)
- Browse (Matrix Search time cut in half)
- Search (+2 Matrix Search specific data in a host)
- Toolbox (+1 Data Processing)
- Boudicca (R:4) (Inits 4+DP+4d6)

ATTACK deck setup (Brute Force - Cybercombat6 Logic6 HotSim2 BoudiccaXX NoiseXX)
Attack - 6
Sleaze - 3
Data Processing - 5
Firewall - 5
- Boudicca (R:4) (Inits 4+DP+4d6)
- Mugger (+1 DV per mark)
- Fork (1 action to 2 targets)
- Hammer (+2 DV)
- Signal Scrub (-2 Noise)
NOTESShow: YesPage Break: No
Short and thin, despite being stocky. Has straight, dirty blonde hair slicked back with a well- trimmed and short- cropped beard with a longer goatee.

Light green eyes and fair skin, a very European or North American complexion
DESCRIPTIONShow: YesPage Break: No
Born in California and moved to Hong Kong when he was young, his parents taking jobs with Tsang Corp. An "unfortunate warehouse mishap" due to lack of proper safety procedures saw them both tragically killed, and Tsang settled out of court so never suffered any real consequences for their actions. John lived on the streets for a while after his parents died before being found by Raymond and brought to the Halfway House, where he grew up and spent most of his formative years. Raymond taught him all about decking and the Matrix, and how to use his natural talent for charisma to slip by unnoticed until he could steal everything he could get his hands on. He ran with The Crew for years, growing up together and running the shadows
for Raymond or each other, and eventually was able to afford getting his own Chrome Cyberdeck installed, allowing him to access the Matrix from anywhere.

He left The Crew to more aggressively target Tsang Corp, whom he holds in great contempt, and whom the rest of The Crew didn't feel ready to tangle with. He made contacts within the corporation and learned their ways, stealing from them whenever possible and working his way up. After about 5 years his luck ran out on one of his jobs, and he was caught red- handed in a warehouse computer downloading valuable manifests. He spent 3 years in prison for Breaking and Entering and Attempted Corporate Sabotage.

Now he's out of prison with a small stash of nuyen and a Criminal SIN. He's looking to make Tsang pay mor ethan ever, but he knows now he'll need help to do it. It's time to get The Crew back together.
BACKGROUNDShow: YesPage Break: No